Indicators, Interlinkages and Implementation


The Conference will focus on the three "I"s- Indicators, Interlinkages, and Implementation. 

Theme 01: Indicators

Development of Indicators, Indices, Monitoring, Assessment, and Reporting Water-related Goals and Target Achievements

This theme will discuss on how to develop appropriate indicators, indices across several disciplines for water, wastewater and water related disasters and explore monitoring frameworks and data integration for a comprehensive picture of the global water system. The sessions under this theme will discuss the strategic and detailed elements of scientific assessment process, and how to create a practical set of steps leading to a reporting mechanisms to deliver knowledge and insights generated by global water science e.g. periodical assessment report on water to be provided to water-related policy makers and the applications community.

Theme 02: Interlinkages

Identfying key trade-offs and complementarities

Under this theme, trade-offs and complementarities will be determined to distinguish between "What" and "How" type of SDGs and targets; and how SDGs can be more effectively implemented and monitored by the use of integrated information, and principles of good governance and management through strengthening cross-level interactions in water, food, energy, health nexi. The theme will also present and discuss tools to support the implementation of innovative and integrated risk governance and management approaches under uncertainty, and explore how risk governance can minimize the negative impacts of existing and emerging risks in relation to the SDGs.

Theme 03: Implementation

Advancing Practice, Science and Policy Links, Partnerships and Innovative Solutions

The panel will focus on the practice, science & policy (P-S-P) link, and how it can be strengthening through co-design of research and solutions in the perspective of SDGs. The sessions under this theme will focus on how sharing available information, knowledge and action gaps, as well as viable instruments and approaches can contribute to implement of SDGs. This theme will discuss integration of scientific research with industrial solutions towards identifying a feasible set of sustainable water solutions with an overall objective of sustaining environmental services, reducing threats to ecosystems while ensuring human water security. Given the lack of convincing progress in this area the need for innovative solutions becomes apparent.