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World Water Development Report 2015: Water for a Sustainable World


Global Water System Project (GWSP) and Future Earth with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research are organizing the conference “Sustainable Development Goals :  A water perspective”  to be held in Bonn during 17-18th of August.  This conference will bring together available information, identify knowledge and action gaps, share lessons on viable instruments and approaches, facilitate networks and create a platform for moving toward action on the SDGs with a perspective on water. 

The timing of the conference is unique as it represents the last opportunity to review the finalized draft outcome document before the adoption of SDGs at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in Semptember 2015. It creates the opportunity to shape the Future Water Agenda by presenting a common viewpoint on the draft from a muti-stakeholder perspective.

The conference will focus on the three "I"s-Indicators, Interlinkages and Implementation

The conference will bring together experts in the field of water to present and discuss the above three aspects of SDGs in plenaries, parallel sessions, and joint synthesis discussions. With the participation of global water science community, policy and decision makers, non-governmental organizations, industry representatives along with UN-organization, the conference intends to play a key role in bringing different communities together in international policy consultation process on SDGs, developing indicators, understanding interlinkages and discussions on how to implement SDGs.